Ferrari 400i/412 Rebuilt Fuse Box

Remanufactured, upgraded fuse boxes (also known as a fuse board, fuse panel, relay board or relay assembly) for Ferrari 400i and 412, sold on exchange basis.

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G.T. Car Parts now supplies upgraded remanufactured fuse boxes (also known as a fuse board, fuse panel, relay board or relay assembly) for Ferrari 400i and 412, sold on exchange basis.

We replace the factory adhesive-laminated multi-layer circuit boards with a new single printed circuit board (PCB) that has a greater amperage capacity and is more durable than the original. We reuse the original plastic fuse box housing, which is why we sell these as re-manufactured rather than new items. If your housing is damaged, in most cases we can provide a good used one from our stock at additional cost.

Manufactured exclusively for G.T. Car Parts, all our re-manufactured fuse boxes use rigid modern PCBs with updated materials and revised electronic designs. These boards address common failure points while maintaining original appearance and connection style. Our design eliminates common problems of burned out connectors/traces/solder joints caused by original design flaws, vibration fatigue, peeling board layers, and/or hidden corrosion between layers.

Installation is exactly the same as the factory unit. Our boards do not require any modifications to factory wiring or connectors. We do suggest that when installing a new fusebox you should evaluate the condition of your existing factory wiring harnesses and connectors. Cleaning and replacement of wiring harness components as needed will ensure best performance from your new fusebox.

Compatible with all 400i and 412 models

Our fuse boxes are compatible with all 400i and 412 cars sold in all markets. Please note these are not compatible with earlier 400 models that use a separate fuse box and relay board. Our fuse boxes are designed for direct “plug-and-play” compatibility with the factory wiring and relays. Any modifications or electrical faults should be corrected before installation of the fuse board. Our fuse boards must be used with the original relay types and layout as described in the factory manual. We also sell optional pre-installed relay kits to simplify your fuse board installation.

Our latest design, based on years of experience

Our fuse box designs are based on more than 12 years of experience in rebuilding Ferrari fuse boxes. We use modern materials and manufacturing methods to provide you with an economical replacement fuse box that has unsurpassed durability and better than OEM performance.

10 Year Limited Warranty

All our rebuilt fuse boxes include a 10 year limited warranty, click here for full details.

FAQ and Technical Information

You can read our tech article on Ferrari fuse box rebuilds for detailed information on the design of our boards, the rebuild process and best practices for installation and troubleshooting.


We provide knowledgeable technical support for any fusebox installation issues. Contact us via phone or email if you have any questions.

Additional information

Car Model

Ferrari 400i, Ferrari 412

Factory Part Number(s)

118873, 119871, 125192, 128739