Vintage Ferrari Window Motor Troubleshooting

This post compiles our advice regarding slow or stuck window motors on the following Ferrari models: Any pre-1974 Ferrari with 2-wire window motors 1984-1991 Testarossa 308 GTB/GTS, 308 QV, 308 GT4 Dino Mondial 8, Mondial QV 365 BB, 512 BB Common window motor issues We have found three main problem areas with the older cable … Read more

Which Ferrari Water Pump Seal?

A common service item on the Ferrari Testarossa, 512TR, F512M and many other 80s-90s Ferraris is the replacement of the water pump seal. When researching the correct replacement seal, you will see several different part numbers referenced. Figuring out which is appropriate can be a headache, so we wrote a quick guide. While we use … Read more