Vintage Ferrari Window Motor Troubleshooting

Our advice regarding fixing slow or stuck window motors on various vintage Ferrari models including Testarossa, 308, Mondial and others. Learn how to easily replace, repair and upgrade the window motor system.

Which Ferrari Water Pump Seal?

A common service item on the Ferrari Testarossa, 512TR, F512M and many other 80s-90s Ferraris is the replacement of the water pump seal. When researching the correct replacement seal, you will see several different part numbers referenced. Figuring out which is appropriate (and what tools are needed) can be a headache, so we wrote a quick guide.

Our Ferrari Fusebox Rebuilds: FAQ and Technical Overview

129108R Fuse Box Bottom

G.T. Car Parts INC provides re-manufactured, upgraded fuseboxes (also known as a fuse board or relay assembly) for many Ferrari models, sold on exchange basis. Read this article to learn more about our fusebox solutions, including compatibility, benefits, technical advice and our guarantee.