We are an independent supplier of new and used Ferrari and Lamborghini parts

We created this website to inform customers about some of the unique products we offer. G.T. Car Parts works with suppliers to reproduce or re-manufacture Ferrari and Lamborghini parts that are otherwise unavailable. We are always developing new products to keep vintage, rare and late-model Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles on the road. Read more about who we are and what we do at About Us.

In addition to the parts listed on this site, we stock many more new and used parts for vintage and late model Ferrari and Lamborghini. G.T. Car Parts has an extensive stock of parts on-site in our multiple warehouses, including many salvage cars. Please contact our sales staff if you are looking for a specific part.

Our Customers

We supply parts worldwide to dealers, independent shops, parts wholesalers and retail customers. We pride ourselves on building ongoing relationships with our customers, supporting Ferrari and Lamborghini professionals and owners. We understand the needs of professional mechanics and restorers and are able to promptly supply most part requirements. Our stock includes maintenance items, major repair components such as body panels, motors and transmissions, and rare pieces for early or low-production cars.

Contact Us For Ferrari and Lamborghini Parts

Feel free to browse our online selection and contact our sales staff directly with questions or to order. Please note that what we show on the website is only a small portion of our total inventory. We can be reached by phone, email or fax between 9AM-5PM  (Arizona time) Monday through Friday. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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