Preinstalled relay and fuse kit for Ferrari fuse boxes

Bosch relay and fuse kit, preinstalled in your rebuilt Ferrari fuse box.

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We offer pre-installed relay and fuse kits for all our rebuilt Ferrari fuse boxes. Our kits include new Bosch relays installed in your board in the factory configuration.

Using the correct type and configuration of relays and fuses is important to ensure proper functioning of your Ferrari’s electrical system. Incorrect or broken relays can cause a variety of unpredictable electrical faults and potentially damage the fuse box or other electrical components.

Relays wear out over time and replacing them along with the fuse box will improve electrical reliability. This is worth considering if the car still has the original, no longer produced “metal top” Bosch relays which are failing due to age with increasing frequency.

Photograph provided for example only, the exact type, configuration and appearance of the relays may vary depending on car model and availability.

Technical Information and Support

You can read our tech article on Ferrari fuse box rebuilds for detailed information on fuse boxes and relays.

We provide knowledgeable technical support for any fuse box installation issues. Contact us via phone or email if you have any questions or would like to order.