January 2020 Product Updates

Happy new year to all our fellow vintage Ferrari/Lamborghini professionals and enthusiasts. Here is a quick update on some new products and updates to existing ones.

Fuse Box Rebuilds

129108R Fuse Box Bottom

We are happy to announce that all our Ferrari Testarossa, Mondial and 328 fuse box rebuilds now use an updated PCB design. Based on more than 10 years of experience with these fuse box rebuilds, these new versions retain all the advantages of our classic “green board” PCB rebuilds with some added updates to allow quicker rebuild times, higher quality and even better electrical performance. Our other model fuse box rebuilds still use our classic green board design. See our fuse box page for more details.

Fuse Box Connectors

Ferrari fuse box connectors

We are now introducing a series of reproduction fuse box wiring harness connectors as used on Ferrari Testarossa, Mondial, 328 and F40. With OEM sources no longer producing many of these connectors, our reproductions provide a direct-fit replacement with excellent durability and heat resistance. Click here for more details.

Head Gaskets

Ferrari Head Gaskets

Our customers have relied on us for many years to provide high quality replacement gasket sets for engine rebuilds and other major services.

One of the major product lines within this category is head gaskets for V12, V8 and V6 Ferrari and Lamborghini engines. After evaluating and selling many major brands for years, we have found what we believe are the highest quality head gaskets available, made by Sangalli Guarnizioni in Italy. At present, we stock these head gaskets for Ferrari 250, 330, 365, 308 2V models and Lamborghini V12 models. We are also expecting a shipment of Ferrari 275 and 360, and Lamborghini Urraco head gaskets.

For most of these models, we are also able to supply high-performance versions of the Sangalli Guarnizioni head gaskets. These have silicone beading to improve gasket sealing during demanding use, and are available exclusively from G.T. Car Parts INC.

If you are looking for other types of gaskets, or head gaskets for models of vehicle not listed, we are likely able to help you. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to order!