We are happy to introduce our new line of reproduction connectors for vintage Ferrari fuse boxes, including Testarossa, Mondial, 328, 400 and F40 models. These replace the 10, 11 and 12-pin white plastic connectors that plug into the fuse box (a.k.a. fuse board, fuse panel or relay assembly). These connectors often break due to age or heat and frequently need to be replaced alongside the fuse box.  Our reproductions are made of durable, heat resistant, glass-filled plastic and require no modifications to fuse box or wiring harness. 

Connector Part Number Key

We currently offer reproduction connectors for the following Ferrari part numbers:

  • 12285880 (12 pin, position K)
  • 12285580 (12 pin, position J)
  • 12284780 (11 pin, position X)
  • 12284880 (11 pin, position Y)
  • 12284080 (10 pin, position Y)
  • For 8 and 9 pin connectors, please inquire as new or used OEM connectors may be available

We can also provide new crimp-on contacts for these connectors. 

If you are servicing or repairing your Ferrari’s electrical system, you may be interested in our fuse box rebuild service, available for many vintage Ferrari models.

Contact us for questions or to order.

  • Fits: Testarossa, 328, Mondial, 400, 400i, 412, F40
  • Replaces part number(s): 12285880, 12285580, 12284780, 12284880, 12284080