Part # 140193/207

We can provide reproduction first gear sets for vintage Ferraris equipped with Tipo F102/F110/F113 flat-12 engines. This includes 512 BB, 512 BBi, Testarossa, 512TR and F512M models.

Technical Information

Many Testarossa and 512 BB transmissions have issues with the first and second gears wearing prematurely. Because these gears are located at the upper rear corner of the gearbox, they undergo oil starvation during hard acceleration. This often results in accelerated wear of gear surfaces, damage and eventually complete failure of the first and second gears. The Ferrari factory attempted to solve this problem by revising the gear design during production. Ferrari made four revisions to the original design, ending with the final revision used in the F512M. These included changes to the helix angle of the gears and the supplier of the gears. Our reproduction gear sets are based on the final factory revision and incorporate additional changes and manufacturing improvements to ensure their longevity in demanding service.

Replaces the following OE part numbers:

  • 105749 / 110168
  • 118106 / 118105
  • 119792 / 119805
  • 136328 / 136341
  • 140193 / 140207
  • 156425 / 156430

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  • Part Number 140193/207
  • Fits 512 BB, 512 BBi, Testarossa, 512TR, F512M