G.T. Car Parts provides a wide range of Ferrari and Lamborghini reproduction parts, including both vintage and late-model cars. In many cases, these items are no longer available from factory sources. We utilize a wide range of suppliers as well as our in-house manufacturing capabilities to develop reproduction parts with improved quality and cost compared to original items. Reproduction items we provide include:

  • Piston and ring sets
  • Valvetrain components
  • Transmission gear sets
  • Flywheel ring gears
  • Plug Wire sets
  • Gaskets and seals (available individually or as service kits)
  • Hoses
  • Interior and exterior trim items, including rubber and plastic
  • Windshields for many vintage and late model cars
  • Rubber suspension components
  • ANSA exhaust systems
  • And many others

Browse the showcase below to view some of our most popular reproduction items.

We stock many more items in addition to those listed here, so please contact us with any questions.