NOW HIRING: Assistant Sales Representative

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G.T. Car Parts INC is now hiring for an Assistant Sales Representative position. We are a 40+ year old company specialized in sales and manufacturing of Ferrari and Lamborghini parts. We sell worldwide to wholesale and retail customers, and pride ourselves on the extremely high level of customer service and knowledge we provide. We are currently looking for someone to join our close-knit sales team. The ideal candidate is a strong communicator, organized and self-motivated to learn more about vintage Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles. We are very focused on ongoing learning and on-the-job training, so a successful hire will be able to quickly pick up on information in this environment and build their own knowledge base as they gain experience with us.

Job Description

The primary duty of this position is direct, one-on-one sales with wholesale and retail customers via phone and email. Additional duties may include packing and shipping, picking items from inventory, inventory organization, light mechanical/manufacturing tasks, and various office administrative/organizational tasks as required. The person hired for this position will be in constant communication with customers from all over the world and must monitor and follow-up on all sales interactions. They will work collaboratively in a small team to fulfill orders and provide knowledge to our customers. Prior experience with vintage and/or late-model Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles is a plus but not a requirement. Regardless of prior experience, all candidates should be prepared for ongoing, extensive on-the-job learning about these automobiles in order to maintain our service and quality standards.

This is a full-time 40 hour per week position with optional overtime available. Starting pay depends on experience. Health insurance benefits are included.

Essential Requirements

  • 2 years relevant sales and/or customer service experience
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Strong communication skills in written and spoken English
  • Ability to collaborate in a close-knit, fast paced environment, including sharing information with co-workers and handing off/taking on tasks as needed.
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to track, follow-up on and complete multiple concurrent tasks.
  • Intermediate automotive mechanical knowledge- including ability to identify/distinguish all basic auto components and understand their working relationships
  • Ability to learn additional, extensive technical information about automobiles in direct support of sales and customer interaction.
  • Must be competent with MS Windows/Office, including email, spreadsheet, web browser and word processor software and be willing to learn additional job-specific software as required.
  • Must be able to stand, walk, lift and carry auto parts (varying size and weight up to 50 lbs) in support of picking, packing/shipping and organizational tasks.
  • Must be able to use basic manual and power hand tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, drills etc.
  • Must be able to work 50% of each workday in an un-air-conditioned warehouse during the summer months.
  • Must be legally qualified to work in the United States.

Additional pluses for qualified candidates

  • Prior professional experience with vintage and/or late model Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles
  • Prior professional experience or education as an auto mechanic or restorer
  • Prior professional experience or education in manufacturing, including die-cutting, machining, welding and/or CAD software
  • Prior professional experience with shipping and packaging, including domestic and international USPS, UPS and freight services.

How to Apply

Before applying, please read the job description and requirements carefully, as we can ONLY consider applicants who meet the listed essential requirements.

Please send a brief cover letter and 1-2 page resume listing relevant experience. Applications may be sent via email to with the subject line “Assistant Sales Representative”. Any email attachments such as resumes should be in PDF format only.

This job description is subject to change at any time.