Dinoplex Ignition Retrofit Installation Instructions


Our Dinoplex ignition retrofit system replaces the original CDI (capacitive discharge ignition) system with a simpler, reliable IDI (inductive discharge ignition) system. The new system includes a switchable electronic ignition coil driver. The original mechanical distributor still determines ignition dwell and timing. It uses a reproduction housing that closely matches the original Magneti Marelli AEC 103 A, as used in many Ferrari, Dino, Fiat and Lancia models from 1970 onwards.


The original Dinoplex AEC 103 A ignition is a CDI system, which uses a special type of coil. As this retrofit unit is not a CDI system, it has different coil requirements. If the vehicle was originally equipped with separate CDI and “emergenza”/IDI coils (such as in the Dino 246), the original CDI coil (such as a Magneti Marelli BAE 200A) can remain installed for cosmetic purposes but should be totally disconnected. The original “emergenza” coil or an aftermarket performance coil may be used for the ignition and wired as described below.

Installation Instructions

We recommend installation by a qualified automotive professional. Any electrical work should be performed with the engine off and battery disconnected. For splicing wires, we recommend Raychem D-406 adhesive-lined splices, or uninsulated Molex parallel splices sealed with Raychem SCL heat shrink. Use a high quality crimp tool such as those made by Rennsteig. We do not recommend soldering wire splices, as vibration may cause soldered wire splices to prematurely fail.

The retrofit system includes a wiring harness with a white plastic connector on one end and loose, un-terminated wires on the other. The first step is to connect these wires as follows:

  1. Connect the red wire to a 12 volt supply. The positive side of the coil can be used, or any 12 volt supply controlled by the ignition.
  2. Connect the white wire to a good ground.
  3. Remove the wire from the negative side of the coil that runs to the distributor and connect it to the green wire.
  4. Connect the black wire to the negative side of the coil.
  5. The new ignition module can now be installed in the engine compartment in place of the original module. Once the ignition module is mounted, connect the white plastic connector on the new wiring harness to the matching connector on the ignition module.
  6. In some applications such as the Dino 246, the original Dinoplex units have a connection providing a pulse signal for the tachometer. This is not present on the retrofit unit. Instead, the tachometer wire should be connected to the negative side of the coil.
Dinoplex Upgrade Interior

Switching modes

Our retrofit system includes an electronic IGBT ignition coil driver. This increases coil saturation, extends dwell and reduces points wear due to lower current flow across the points. This can also be deactivated, in which case the coil will be energized via the standard low voltage circuit through the distributor points. An automotive professional familiar with your individual vehicle’s state of tune can suggest which mode is best for your application.

WARNING: Do not switch between operation modes while the engine is running. The ignition unit may be damaged.

  1. To switch unit from conventional points mode to electronic/transistorized mode, remove housing cover (4 screws) and set the rocker switch inside to ‘1’. Units are default set to ‘0’ for points usage.
  2. The green LED will illuminate when running in electronic mode.

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